Autism Bucks

Autism Bucks is a resource whereby individuals, family members, carers and professional can go to learn about the condition .

Autism Care and Share

A collection of blogs telling the story of a dad’s journey to nurture and support his autistic son on his own.

Autism With Love

A range of beautifully created and illustrated books helping children on the autistic spectrum understand autism in a gentle way.
Also, a regular blog to share their experiences of diagnosis, therapy and process to support parents and families going through the same situation.

JKP Publishers

Jessica Kingsley Publishers produce books and online content directed towards people who want to make a difference or need help finding out about how they can.  Books include topics like autism, art therapy, self improvement etc.

Under current restriction they are not only producing more online content for people but linking you to blogs created by people potentially in a similar background or situation.

ChatterPack UK

ChatterPack’s website has lots of SEND resources, blogs, an A-Z directory and information about training for school staff, professionals and parents/carers.  ChatterPack also produces a free monthly SEND newsletter that delivers resources, news events and training straight to your inbox!



The Mighty

The Mighty hosts thousands of blogs from people who have medical conditions or have children that do.

It’s a brilliant way to discover others in the same boat and keep up to date with their journeys.


The Autism Directory

The Autism Directory is a national database to signpost families to all kinds of Autism Friendly help, information, resources, conferences, activities and much more in your area. This website is an amazing resource and tool for families with autistic children.

Autism Eye

Autism Eye aims to keep parents informed about the best treatments for their child – and to help them avoid the worst. Their articles are independent and unbiased.