Five Minute Mum

More than a parenting blog…a huge array of fun five minute games, crafts, activities to keep them busy as well ways to be creative with friends and family via video call during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Autism With Love

A range of beautifully created and illustrated books helping children on the autistic spectrum understand autism in a gentle way.
Also, a regular blog to share their experiences of diagnosis, therapy and process to support parents and families going through the same situation.

JKP Publishers

Jessica Kingsley Publishers produce books and online content directed towards people who want to make a difference or need help finding out about how they can.  Books include topics like autism, art therapy, self improvement etc.

Under current restriction they are not only producing more online content for people but linking you to blogs created by people potentially in a similar background or situation.


Scholastic are a long established company who provide a huge range of books for schools and online resources. More than just the National Schools Book Fair provider, they are hosting a range of free activities during School Closures.


Penwizard bring children’s favourite stories to life by personalising with their name and even an avatar to involve them in the magic of story time.


BookTrust is a national charity who believe in the positive power of reading and have a wealth of resources to encourage children to read and love books.

Penguin Books

Penguin are a world leading publisher and most of us know that logo especially from childhood.
An amazing publisher carries a huge responsibility to us….to create our dreams…we can live through books and stories in our own unique ways.
Penguin have been doing this brilliantly for over 150 years.

Mrs Wordsmith

Mrs Wordsmith has created a range of resources to inspire your children’s imagination to create stories and funny pictures. By expanding their vocabulary they will feel inspired to be creative.

John Catt Bookshop

John Catt books are a leading publisher of educational publications..they have published thousands of books and have many education based leading authors including ex Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP  and Her Majesty’s chief inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Willshaw.