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Note: What do they do? And who for? Try to keep your description to less than 50 words and keep it simple. Please write in the third person, so try to say "THEY help..." not "WE help..." For Example: 'They lend tandems free of charge to people with disabilities or special needs who are unable to ride a bike safely on their own, so that they can enjoy the wonders of cycling. Their borrowers are both children and adults'

Which Category or Categories should this listing be in? FinanceEducationMedical StuffLegal StuffHolidays & Free TimeTechnology & KitCounselling & SupportWebsites, Magazines & BooksDay to Day Essentials

Which Subcategory or Subcategories should this listing be in?

[group finance-group]


BillsApplying for grantsGrants for trikes & wheelchairsGrants for holidaysGrants for ITHelp you should be getting

[group education-group]


Appeals & HelpResourcesStatements

[group medical-group]

Medical stuff

ConditionsHospicesMental HealthTherapists

[/group] [group legal-group]

Legal Stuff

Advocates & LawyersDisability RightsEducational & Medical

[/group] [group holidays-group]

Holidays & Free Time

AccessibilityArtCinemaClubsDanceDramaHoliday clubsHoliday insuranceHoliday transportLow cost holidaysMusicOther fun stuffSpecialist holidaysSportsTheatreTheme parksWishmakers

[/group] [group tech-group]

Technology & Kit

AACAdaptations & cool kitApps & programmesMobilitySensory toysTrikes & bikes

[/group] [group counselling-group]

Counselling & Support

Bereavement supportFamily supportRelationship support

[/group] [group websites-group]

Websites, Magazines & Books


[/group] [group essentials-group]

Day to Day Essentials



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