Adapted James

Adapted James

Affordable additional needs products sewn by an Autistic adult.

Weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, weighted shoulder wraps
All of which help with emotion regulation, concentration, and sleep especially for autistic people, people with sensory processing disorder, PTSD, dementia, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and others who just feel calm when pressure is applied (see the pinned post about weighted therapy and how and who it helps)

Magnetic/ velcro closure clothing
These clothes are fastened with magnets (for shirts) or velcro (for trousers or pajamas) for people who may find buttons and zips too tricky, such as people with dyspraxia or arthritis

Velcro opening legs on trousers
These are trousers where the legs can be opened at one side with hidden velcro to help get the trousers on for people who wear AFOs

Itch free seam free clothing
All of these clothes are completely seam and label free as they are all completely lined. This will eliminate the largest sensory issue in clothing for people with autism and sensory processing disorder.
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