EarlyLearn provide a range of e-learning teaching resources and games.

Button by Neatebox

By using a clever app on your phone you can safely use pedestrian crossings by activating the cross request from your smart phone or watch. Brilliant for those with visual impairment or mobility issues.

iGuy tablet cases

Fun, durable and free-standing iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air case for kids young and old


Award winning low-cost buggy tray and bag that has a ‘velcro’ ready surface for switches and toys. Attaches to any therapy chair or wheelchair with supplied straps or rests on lap. Light weight and easy to carry.


Snap have a fantastic directory of companies and charities that design and supply SEN and disabled friendly hardware and software.

shiny learning

Free and commercial software for children and anyone with learning difficulties.

Ram Mounts

Ram Mounts fixes tablets to a huge range of surfaces making screen truly mobile for all.


Their product range includes communication aids, switches and switch software, mounting solutions, speech & hearing amplifiers, care monitors and alarms, musical devices, switch adapted toys and much more!