Tink ‘n’ stink

Tink ‘n’ stink is a website that allows you to buy any sensory tech or toy that you want! This can be from light up balls to a light up board to an animal answer button. Whatever it may be it will, for sure, be a great help for anything!


Fun and Function

This website allows you to buy almost any sensory equipment you can think of AND has been broken down into categories to help you find what you want. You can get things to help fidgeting or anxiety or calming, the list goes on and on!

Facebook: @FunandFunctionFans
Twitter: @FunandFunction


Edu-Quip are dedicated to providing a wide-range of educational sensory toys.



Fledglings is a national charity helping parents and carers of disabled children and those with special needs to find solutions to the practical problems of everyday living. They help families’ individual needs by working with manufacturers to produce and supply a range of items that give children independence and/or new opportunities and give relief to their families. Fledglings’ service is available nationally via phone, email and a website. An e-News and product brochure are also available from enquiries@fledglings.org.uk.

Total Sensory

Sensory equipment designers and installers of sensory rooms, soft play rooms and padded rooms.They design and produce new innovative products for the sensory market including sensory room and garden. Stunning work!

Special Needs Toys

A wonderful range of Special Needs Toys, from mobile Multi-Sensory, to Swings, Trampolines and other Sensory Integration kit, Switches, Rewards and small Sensory toys.


SpaceKraft has created an unrivalled range of sensory products that come with a built-in seal of approval from people like yourself, who have real experience of the demands made on sensory products in a Multi-Sensory Environment.


They help families of children with special needs or disabilities with clothing that you cannot find on the high street. The vests and pyjamas are especially helpful for with nappy users and children who strip, nappy dip or smear. They also help with comfort and dignity for gastrostomy tube or button users enabling easy access and protecting the tubes from being pulled out. Helping to overcome some common but embarrassing problems with beautifully designed, high quality modern clothing.

Pocket Pond

Virtual fish pond on your iPhone.Pocket Pond displays a very realistic looking animated pond at full screen resolution. The water ripples gentle and the koi in the pond swim around in a very authentic way. The nature sound effects that accompany Pocket Pond are beautifully soothing, from the twittering of the many different birds, to the sound of the water lapping the edge of the pond.

Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box

Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box was created as an iPad app for a group of teenagers with complex needs including visual impairment, autism and developmental disabilities.