Action For Kids

At Action For Kids they believe mobility equipment is one of the great enablers for young people with disabilities. They provide young people up to the age of 26 with mobility equipment not available on the NHS. Action For Kids welcomes applications from, or on behalf of, any child or young person up to 26 years old, suffering from any physical or mental condition that requires a mobility aid or other equipment that facilitates independence. However they are only able to accept applications for equipment which is not normally available from a statutory body. In the last year Action For Kids has supplied buggies, car seats, electric scooters, sports wheelchairs, trikes , walkers, and power packs, and welcome applications for any of these. Check their website for details of how to apply.


MERUproduce a range of ready-made disability products that are all inspired by requests we have received from families.  These products are available to buy via our web shop.  Some of our larger or more complex designs are available to purchase on a made to order basis. The income we receive from the sale of our Ready Made items is used to fund our free charitable services and to develop new product designs and services