Bayliss Mobility

Bayliss Mobility are a leading provider of mobility and disability products in the Bridlington area. With a wide range of accessories and specialist equipment to see at their showroom.


Seenin provides stylish clothing and accessories for children and adults with disabilities. Our product range includes aprons, bibs, kerchiefs, sleepwear, wheelchair covers, changing mats, gloves and bespoke items which make everyday tasks easier.

2020 Mobility Ltd

Providers of high quality, luxury wheelchairs and power chairs in the UK.

They also provide a range of mobility equipment including wheelchair accessories, sticks, walkers & crutches.

Also bathing and lifestyle needs.

Theraplay Ltd

Theraplay have been manufacturing tricycles for children and adults with special needs for over 40 years. Our tricycles can be customized to the individual needs of each rider. A free assessment service is available throughout the UK.
Categories: Technology and Kit.



DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability is a UK based charity dedicated to finding practical solutions that help disabled people live life their way. We can advise on disability aids and equipment that could help you overcome specific challenges, and when we find a challenge that can’t be solved with off-the-shelf equipment, we’ll adapt, modify or make something completely new that suits your needs.


Fledglings is a national charity helping parents and carers of disabled children and those with special needs to find solutions to the practical problems of everyday living. They help families’ individual needs by working with manufacturers to produce and supply a range of items that give children independence and/or new opportunities and give relief to their families. Fledglings’ service is available nationally via phone, email and a website. An e-News and product brochure are also available from


Remap provides free, custom-made equipment to help disabled people of all ages to enjoy a better lifestyle.


Award winning low-cost buggy tray and bag that has a ‘velcro’ ready surface for switches and toys. Attaches to any therapy chair or wheelchair with supplied straps or rests on lap. Light weight and easy to carry.

The Mobility Aids Centre

The Mobility Aids Centre has been supplying and maintaining mobility equipment for the elderly and disabled for over 26 years. Our showroom is packed with probably the largest selection of mobility aids equipment in East Anglia.