Winslow Resources

Providing a range of teaching resources for additional needs including Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Autism, SPD, Anxiety, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia.


Rompa provide a huge array of sensory services, including design and installation of sensory rooms and environments.  Sensory equipment, soft play, toys and kit.

Adapted James

Affordable additional needs products sewn by an Autistic adult.

Weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, weighted shoulder wraps
All of which help with emotion regulation, concentration, and sleep especially for autistic people, people with sensory processing disorder, PTSD, dementia, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and others who just feel calm when pressure is applied (see the pinned post about weighted therapy and how and who it helps)

Magnetic/ velcro closure clothing
These clothes are fastened with magnets (for shirts) or velcro (for trousers or pajamas) for people who may find buttons and zips too tricky, such as people with dyspraxia or arthritis

Velcro opening legs on trousers
These are trousers where the legs can be opened at one side with hidden velcro to help get the trousers on for people who wear AFOs

Itch free seam free clothing
All of these clothes are completely seam and label free as they are all completely lined. This will eliminate the largest sensory issue in clothing for people with autism and sensory processing disorder.
Categories: Technology and Kit

Rhino UK

Rhino UK not only has a wide range of individual sensory products, but also complete services of planning and designing whole multi-sensory rooms! What’s more, Rhino UK also sorts their products into lists depending on what specific illness the product benefits, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for!



Southpaw Enterprises has a huge range of unique products, both large and small. With a variety of incredible sensory products, Southpaw Enterprises is bound to have an item that is perfect for your special needs kids!


Sensory Wise

Sensory Wise is an online shop and special needs info resource that provides a fantastic range of portable sensory toys and sports equipment, and even offers sensory room or outdoor play packages. Its wide range of toys and equipment are sure to meet your every need!


Tink ‘n’ stink

Tink ‘n’ stink is a website that allows you to buy any sensory tech or toy that you want! This can be from light up balls to a light up board to an animal answer button. Whatever it may be it will, for sure, be a great help for anything!


Fun and Function

This website allows you to buy almost any sensory equipment you can think of AND has been broken down into categories to help you find what you want. You can get things to help fidgeting or anxiety or calming, the list goes on and on!

Facebook: @FunandFunctionFans
Twitter: @FunandFunction