Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

The Hidden Disabilities Lanyard Scheme is especially important during the current global pandemic. The Lanyard indicates very clearly that the wearer has a hidden disability and may require assistance or a little extra time when out and about whether at the supermarket or travelling.

Night Sky Ceiling Murals

As featured on DIY SOS with Nick Knowles  & Dragons Den winners, these absolutely stunning night sky ceiling murals mesmorise the senses and help you drift into a tranquil sleep.

Essential Aids

Essential Aids supplies disability aids, mobility equipment and rehabilitation products to people in the UK. A major supplier of wheelchair ramps, crutches, grab rails and various dressing aids, the company also sells a vast range of clever items to make life easier for those with physical impairments. The products are designed to assist the disabled community, the elderly and their carers. Essential Aids supplies direct to the public, to companies across the UK and the NHS. With thousands of products available via the www.essentialaids.com website, a hardcopy catalogue is also published for those who do not use the internet.


Supplying a range of sensory clothing, tags and equipment via their amazon shop and directly via website.

Sense Toys

Sense Toys carefully selects and reviews toys and resources specially designed to help children with special needs. They also provide educational and fine motor products that improve your children’s all round development! They have a brilliant selection of all types of toys and products, more than likely to suit your needs!

Sensory Direct

Sensory Direct develop and manufacture weighted therapy products in the UK, including weighted blankets, weighted jackets, oral motor chew toys and sensory products. Our range has been designed for use in the home, school, clinic or sensory room. All products have been CE tested and registered with the Medical Healthcare & Regulatory Authority in the UK.


Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Have a new-born or toddler? You’d like Soft Play at Home? Perhaps you run a school, preschool, nursery, playgroup, soft-play commercial area and you’re in need of Soft Play Area Manufacturers or you may require information for Kids Soft Play Equipment – you name it. Whatever the case, Soft Play Equipment UK is all you need

Sensory Toys UK

Sensory Toys UK sell a range of sensory toys and equipment at an affordable price. We see the joy a light up, spinning toy can bring, how an oral chew can calm anxieties and how stimulating we can make play with the right tools. We hope that you have lots of sensory fun ahead with our sensory toys!

Sensory Education Ltd

Sensory Education Ltd provide a vast range of sensory toys and educational toys, they also provide equipment for sensory rooms including lighting.

Sensory Treasures

Sensory Treasure create baskets & packs of sensory items tailor made to your child, adolescent or adults sensory needs.
Great for all sensory needs including those with Autism, ADHD, Dementia or Alzheimers.