Bayliss Mobility

Bayliss Mobility are a leading provider of mobility and disability products in the Bridlington area. With a wide range of accessories and specialist equipment to see at their showroom.

Able Move

By creating greater confidence and freedom for wheelchair users Able Move promotes freedom and accessibility. They also have a range of goods to assist day to day lives for those who regularly use a wheelchair.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

The Hidden Disabilities Lanyard Scheme is especially important during the current global pandemic. The Lanyard indicates very clearly that the wearer has a hidden disability and may require assistance or a little extra time when out and about whether at the supermarket or travelling.

Essential Aids

Essential Aids supplies disability aids, mobility equipment and rehabilitation products to people in the UK. A major supplier of wheelchair ramps, crutches, grab rails and various dressing aids, the company also sells a vast range of clever items to make life easier for those with physical impairments. The products are designed to assist the disabled community, the elderly and their carers. Essential Aids supplies direct to the public, to companies across the UK and the NHS. With thousands of products available via the website, a hardcopy catalogue is also published for those who do not use the internet.

Baffin Technology Systems Ltd.

Our high quality, innovative and patented products cater to a wide range of conditions supporting rehabilitation and offering solutions for complex medical needs.

Sensory Education Ltd

Sensory Education Ltd provide a vast range of sensory toys and educational toys, they also provide equipment for sensory rooms including lighting.

Sole Mates Insoles

Sole Mate insoles ‘float the foot’ on a cushion of glycerine that displaces to spread your weight across the whole foot. This absorbs pressure, helping to reduce foot, knee and hip pain. The fluid supports the arch, reducing back pain, whilst massaging the foot, boosting circulation to legs and feet.

Because fluid doesn’t flatten or compress, they are extremely thin, enabling them to be worn in all types of footwear, providing maximum support for the wearer

Eden Mobility

Eden Mobility provide a huge range of mobility aids from simple gadgets to help in the kitchen to walking stick and aids to mobility scooters, power chairs and stairlifts in the North West of England.

Genesis Products

Genesis manufacture specialist bags for mobility equipment, wheelchairs, pushchairs and other mobility equipment to enable safe hold transit whilst travelling.

2020 Mobility Ltd

Providers of high quality, luxury wheelchairs and power chairs in the UK.

They also provide a range of mobility equipment including wheelchair accessories, sticks, walkers & crutches.

Also bathing and lifestyle needs.