A unique tool to create visual timeline to help children understand their routines and daily schedules in a brilliant app.


EarlyLearn provide a range of e-learning teaching resources and games.


Autsera create apps for SEND children to help them improve their social and lifestyle skills.

Invictus Active Trainer

The Invictus Active Trainer allows wheelchair users to improve fitness and strength as well as lose weight.. The Active Trainer stabilises the wheelchair while you train which links to an app to record your progress.

Touch Autism

A place full of apps designed for different disabilities, download the app and find lots of different apps for different needs.


A not-for-profit communication aid centre which supports communication and learning needs of children and adults who need Alternative and Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology.  CandLE work with families, schools, residential homes and local community groups.  By supporting Special Schools they can deliver the right literacy programme for the relevant curriculum needs.  They offer assessments, advice and training as well as ongoing support.  Our particular specialist areas are implementing and developing communication systems, supporting severely disabled students to access the mainstream curriculum and sustained involvement and networking with families and disability rights groups.  They also have a commitment to a person centred approach.

Stage Text

StageText creates live captioning for theatres, cultural events, cinema for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Welcome by Neatebox

Welcome by Neatebox is a brilliant app that allows the user to contact customer service teams and that they can be of assistance in a much more efficient way depending on the end users needs or communication skills.

Button by Neatebox

By using a clever app on your phone you can safely use pedestrian crossings by activating the cross request from your smart phone or watch. Brilliant for those with visual impairment or mobility issues.

Winslow Resources

Providing a range of teaching resources for additional needs including Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Autism, SPD, Anxiety, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia.