Top 10 Chew Toys for Kids

10 of the coolest and chewiest chew toys

For lots of kids especially those with autism and other disabilities, chewing can be incredibly calming and self soothing. So if you have a child with autism, or special needs who loves to chew then you've come to the right place!

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1. Chewigem Starter Kit – Glow in the Dark

1. Chewigem Starter Kit – Glow – Glow in the Dark (child sized bangle)


An excellent starter kit by Chewigem. You can also get it in rainbow colours but we love the glow in the dark set. This one includes a button pendant, a child tread bangle, a hexichew  and some top tips in their ‘Chewing diary’ booklet. This is a must have. Separately this box's contents would cost about £40 so you can't beat it for value for money either!


2. Brick Stick 

Brick Stick 


An excellently stylish chew toy. The green one is a fairly tough chew and the purple version is a softer chew.


3. A 'Super' Chew

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For the chew focussed superfan. This red chew also comes with a breakaway clasp to the neck cord for safety.



4. Berries



Very chunky chewy beads 28mm in diameter in some funky colours. Each bead is covered in nubs for an extra yummy sensation. Ideal for fidgets and sensory seekers. They feel nice and heavy and will handle the most serious of chewers.


5. Chewigem Tread Bangles 

1. Chewigem Tread Bangles 


Chewigem Tread Bangles come in a wide range of fashionable styles and textures. They're suitable for children aged 3-14. Suitable for moderate to aggressive chewers. With a different bangle to match every outfit...what are you waiting for?


6. eBoot 5 Pieces Silicone Chewable Pencil Toppers

eBoot 5 Pieces Silicone Chewable Pencil Toppers


A handy way to take your child's chew toys into school by smuggling them in on the top of pencils. These chew toys come in a range of colours and can be used with or without pencils (obviously!) They come as a set of 5 and may help your child's sensory processing, increase their focus, and improve their communication at home and at school.


7. Chewbuddy Autism Chew Toy Blue

Chewbuddy Autism Chew Toy Blue


The excellently cute chewbuddy is a proper must have. The round "head" gives a bi-lateral biting surface with ridges for additional interest, the "legs" have raised dimples for sensory feedback. Even better, the entire toy is sketchy and bendy so makes a great all round sensory toy.


8. Skull



A fabulously groovy design to satisfy the coolest and discerning of chewers. One side has bumps for extra sensation. Suitable for mild to moderate chewers.



9. P's & Q's Chewy Tube

P's & Q's Chewy Tube


A good all round chew to with a wide range of pointy bits to reach the back of the moth and loops to really get your teeth into. You can now chew you P's and Q's as well as minding them!


10. ARK's Z-Vibe Chewy Animal Wand

ARK's Z-Vibe Chewy Animal Wand


This is our favourite chew toy.  It has a smooth vibrating wand that provides gentle sensory feedback to the lips, gums, tongue, jaw and inside the cheek area.

The interchangeable chewy animal tops are very cute and can be used to practice biting, chewing and jaw grading and stability. Each top has a variety of shapes and textures for oral stimulation and sensory input. Available with either soft or firm tops. A fabulous chewy based addition to your child's chew box.


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