Top 10 gifts for kids with autism

Top 10 Toys to help kids with autism learn and play

From the four corners of the internet, Sky Badger has hunted out these  fabulous gems just for you. So if you have a child with autism and you're looking to find gadgets and cool stuff to help them at school or play, then you've come to the right place!

autism toys




A must have. What a fun fiddle thing! Excellent to pop in your bag when you need to relieve your child's stress or anxiety levels.


communicaiton keyring, communication, asd, als,


A really useful way to help communication. 23 laminated symbols that can be attached to clothing or a bag with a really useful stretchy chain, all symbols are interchangeable and can be replaced.


3. Boing Pro


Rubbery light-filled ball, every time it's squeezed it changes colour. A very groovy fiddle thing indeed!



4. Sensory LED Light up Drawing/writing Board

Sensory LED Light up Drawing/writing Board


This is an exceptional drawing board. A serious bit of sensory kit. A little on the big present side of things but a great investment.

Colour changing/flashing and static light settings all at the press of the remote control. Accessories included: Pack of 8 pens, Cleaning Cloth, Hanging chain, Remote control and Power cable.


5. Fidget Pencils

Fidget Pencil


Some ideas you wish you'd thought of first...this is one of them! These colourful pencils come with four different tops, such as a nut and bolt, and are great at occupying busy fingers and allow our kids to focus their minds.


6. 1000 Glow In The Dark Stars

1000 Glow In The Dark Stars


Magical.1000 glow in the dark star and cosmic shape stickers. These will cover any room with indiscreet glowing stars that when exposed to light for a few minutes will glow for up to an hour. These stars make falling asleep a glorious time to fill up those perfect bed time memories for you and your little one.


7. Large Puffer "Furb" Ball

Large Puffer "Furb" Ball


This cool balloon thingy has lovely bright colours and a soft rubber feel, making it an excellent toy for kids to fiddle with and it stimulates their senses.


8. Worry Eater Flamm

Worry Eater Flamm


This exceedingly groovy plush characters are more than toys. They are ideal for helping our little ones articulate specific anxieties and ask for help to overcome them. Children can write down or draw a specific fear or worry on a piece of paper, place it in one of these furry little characters and zip up the mouth. Lots of different 'monsters' are available in loads of different sizes...from 5' to keyring size!


9. Glow Disco Duck

Glow Disco Duck


This very well might take the edge ff stressful bath times. No ordinary bath toy, float Disco Duck in your bath water and watch him burst into life! This quirky rubber ducks looks are deceiving as once he comes into contact with water, Disco Duck glows from within with a fabulous colour changing light show. Colours phase gently into one another before moving into a funky flash disco mode before returning back to its more relaxing mode. Also he glows in the dark so don't get a shock!


10. Jointed Monster

Jointed Monster


And finally..These wooden monsters have movable heads and feet and are chunky to fidget with...what fun!

Size: 55mm x 30mm x 120mm high


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