Moon Village

Moon Village

What do you think the first Moon Village will look like?

In this lesson, children will get into groups of three or four and design their own Moon Village using geographical terms. Your pupils are free to include whatever ideas they like. Do they want an alien communication centre, or a pogo-stick racetrack? Great!

You can then discuss with them what ‘accessible’ means. Children will redesign their plans making them disabled-friendly. Finally, your pupils can build a model of their Moon Village using recycled pots and boxes and then present their models and ideas to the rest of the class


ks1 maths

ks2 maths

ks1 science

ks2 science

ks2 English (extension task)

ks2 Art and design

National Curriculum Keywords

Years 3 and 4: Believe, breathe, build, century, different, difficult, experiment, imagine, island, material, natural, special.

Years 5 and 6: Achieve, attached, communicate, community, convenience, environment, equipment, excellent, individual, leisure, lightning, marvellous, necessary, neighbour, physical, symbol, temperature, vegetable.

National Curriculum Objectives

  •  To develop an understanding of what ‘disabled friendly’ means.
  •  To communicate information using different methods.
  •  To develop creative problem-solving using maths, science, and art and design.
  •  To develop pupils’ skills in working as a group.


Download the teachers' notes, lesson plan and worksheet below, and you're ready to begin.

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