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We use our senses to communicate, so how do children communicate if they can’t see?

How do blind children read? This silly game explores using braille to crack the coded punchlines to five child-friendly jokes. Your class can then find out about how the fifteen-year-old Louis Braille invented braille.



National Curriculum

KS1 History (extension)

KS1 English (extension)

KS2 English

KS2 Maths


  • To learn about how braille works as a form of communication.
  • To develop ‘code-breaking’ skills.
  • To develop a greater understanding of the importance of braille for blind children.
  • To learn the history of Braille and its inventor, Louis Braille.

National Curriculum Keywords

Years 3 and 4: Accident(ally), actual(ly), answer, arrive, busy, consider, different, difficult, experience, famous, favourite, group, imagine, interest, medicine, ordinary, special.

Years 5 and 6: Appreciate, average, awkward, communicate, curiosity, embarrass, explanation, individual, physical, prejudice.


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