Dear Diary


Children often feel anxious about disabilities they don’t understand.

In this lesson, your pupils will be introduced to a range of disabilities and medical conditions by creating an imaginary friend. They will write a diary entry from their friend’s point of view about the day they met each other. Each disability and condition has its own factsheet to explain what it is, how it happens and how it might affect a child day-to-day.


Primary Resources English

  • KS1 English

  • KS2 English




National Curriculum Keywords

Years 3 and 4: Accident(ally), actual(ly), answer, arrive, busy, consider, different, difficult, experience, famous, favourite, group, imagine, interest, medicine, ordinary, special.

Years 5 and 6: Appreciate, average, awkward, communicate, curiosity, embarrass, explanation, individual, physical, prejudice.

Classroom Objectives

  • To build an understanding of a range of disabilities and medical conditions.
  • To develop empathy for children with a range of disabilities and conditions.
  • To learn about famous and successful people with a range of disabilities and conditions.
  • To understand the importance and value of including children with different types of disabilities in school and as friends outside of school.