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What can Sky Badger do for your school?

Sky Badger is here to find all the help and support that your SEN and disabled students need all over the UK. We can also send you our postcards to pop in your student's book bags so their families know where to find help too. Your school or community group can also take part in the Sky Badger School Awards - an innovative disability awareness programme for Primary aged school children.

Sky Badger is here to find all the support and help your SEN and disabled students need... just like you do every day!

Free Primary Resources with the Sky Badger School Awards


Your primary school or community group can take part in a pioneering new project to change the way school children think about disability Our primary teaching resources are totally free are you can download them right away.

The Sky Badger Schools Awards are for children aged 4-11. They are free to take part in, and easy to incorporate into your school term. They include exciting and innovative learning activities that support teachers and put disability issues at the heart of the National Curriculum.

The activities range in duration from 30 minutes to whole-day events. And afterwards, your school’s efforts will be rewarded with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sky Badger Awards certificate. The more lessons plans and educational games you complete, the bigger the award.



Join our fantastic Sky Badger School Awards scheme. Let us know that you are planning to take part so that we can send you updates and new lesson plans hot off the press.

Sky Badger Pack

Use the Lesson Plans

Choose from the lesson plans and run 3 (Bronze), 6 (silver) or 9 (Gold) to claim a school award. Once you have run 6 lessons you can also claim a SBCE teacher award.

School Award Certificates small copy

Claim award

Fill in details of the lessons you have run on our simple forms to let us know you are eligible for an award and we'll send you a shiny new certificate.

Teaching Resources - Plans & Games

Here are some fun lesson plans and games that count towards the Sky Badger Schools Awards. Complete 3 for a Bronze award, 6 for a Silver award, or complete all 9 for a Gold award.


Ivarr the Boneless

In the murky times of the Vikings, a terrifying ‘Berserker’, called Ivarr the Boneless invaded England, Scotland and Ireland.

A 2-hour activity suitable for History, English & Maths for Key Stages 1 & 2.

Moon Village

Moon Village

What do you think the first Moon Village will look like? Will it include an alien communication centre, or a pogo-stick racetrack?

A day long activity with Maths, Science, Art & Design and English for Key Stages 1 & 2.

Sky Badger Doctor

Who Has Superpowers?

Who do we go to when we need help?

Spend an hour exploring the different kinds of people who can help if we get ill, have problems at school, or are feeling sad. Suitable for foundation or year 1 pupils.


Dear Diary

Children often feel anxious about disabilities they don’t understand.

In this lesson, your pupils will be introduced to a range of disabilities and medical conditions by creating an imaginary friend. A 2-hour session suitable for Key stages 1 & 2 English.

Heres Looking at You Kid

Here's Looking at You Kid!

What should we do when we hear bad news, or what we should do if we see someone who looks or behaves differently?

A 30-45 minute session suitable for pupils from year 1 upwards.


Guess Who?

Can you tell whether someone would make a good friend just by looking at them? In this game you’ll find out!

A 25-30 minute game can be played with the whole class, or the whole school in an assembly.

silly sentences

Silent Silly sentences

How do children with hearing problems communicate? This silly game explores lip-reading.

Pupils work in pairs to win points for each word they guess correctly.

Disability Living Allowance Hobbies

Counting on Your Fingers

How do children communicate if they have problems with their hearing? 

1-hour session for Key Stage 1 & 2 Maths.

jokes for kids graphic

Braille Jokes for Kids

We use our senses to communicate, so how do children communicate if they can’t see?

A 1.5 hour session covering English, History and Maths for Key Stages 1 & 2.

Fundraise with your class to support our work

We are passionate about making the school years an enjoyable and rewarding time for disabled children. We can only continue our vital work with support from amazing teachers and professionals.

Help to raise awareness in your school and provide vital funds for this work by taking part in a fundraising event.


We would love to chat about volunteering... Together we can make the world a better place! Get in touch with us to find out about opportunities.


Need help or support with a SEN or disabled child at your school and want to talk to someone?

Sky Badger can also help you with...

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)


Find extra help at school, information about Education, Health, Care Plans (EHCP), apps & programmes, tech and IT for supporting learning and sensory activities.

disabled holidays uk

Holidays & Free time

Find holidays, sports, free cinema tickets, theatre, clubs, art, dance, music, days out, make a wish charities and more.


Useful technology & kit

Find sensory toys, useful technology, trikes and bikes, wheelchairs & mobility.

disabled grants


Find grants, governemnt benefits and help with your utility and council tax bills.


Legal stuff

Find out about disability rights, educational and medical law and how to find a specialist advocate or lawyer.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Medical stuff

Find information about your child's medical condition, medicines that they take and mental health support.