Total Community Care

From Rehabilitation to an Independent Life – A Hassle-Free Approach
Total Community Care recognises that leaving your rehabilitation unit can be a stressful and anxious time for you and your family. During this process, you will face lots of changes and challenges in many aspects of your life. Your choice of care provider, therefore, is a critically important task for you.

You Appoint Your Own Care Team Members
Total Community Care’s (TCC) approach is to give you control of your care by placing you at the centre of the process. With TCC’s full support and guidance they will assist you in recruiting your own care team. Once appointed, TCC will, in conjunction with your rehabilitation unit and other health and social care professionals, train your team to meet your specific care needs.

Lifestyle Driven
Your solution will be lifestyle-driven. It will take into account your home situation to ensure that your team is sufficiently flexible to meet your needs. Whether for hospital visits, trips to the shops or going on holiday, your team will accompany you and support you as you require.

Award-Winning Services
TCC’s award-winning services have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulators of healthcare. TCC’s experienced and specialist nurses and managers will ensure that you receive the best care possible at all times.
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