Skiggle is a free online UK based Charity (118 5108), with a network dedicated to helping the families of the disabled, who can offer vital medical equipment to other members when in need.

This is achieved through the online SOS solution systemfor care-based essentials where members can request immediate assistance in unforeseen circumstances Many individuals who come into contact with disabilities have a significant store of consumables AND have also been in a situation where a vital consumable is missing. Skiggle creates a network of individuals willing to help others by providing missing consumables, free of charge, from their own (surplus) stock, in times of need.


A strictly regulated marketplaceis also available on the website where members can buy and sell products relating to disabilities, and offer free excess products to other families in need (adhering to strict terms and conditions that have been composed relating to the movement of products).

This feature is also inclusive of a bereavement angel; an icon that members can select if they are using the site due to personal loss.