Uncommon Forum

Is exactly what it says, it’s a forum based site where questions about mental health, eating disorders, phobias, psychology are asked and answered.

Experts in their field answer some of those “uncommon” questions about these illnesses.

HAFAL (Wales)

Hafal are a Welsh mental health charity that encourage recovery from serious mental health for yourself, with their tools and support they also encourage carers and family to help people improve their lives generally.  They work with a range of conditions across the whole of Wales.

They also campaign to improve mental health services for children and young people in Wales.

Patterns 4 Development

A therapy carried out by parents at home to help their child by mimicking activities that the brain would naturally develop without brain injury. This therapy helps with cognitive skills, physical movements and muscle development.

Bipolar UK

Bipolar UK are a national charity that support people who have bipolar in a number of ways, they have online peer support section on their website that allows you to talk with other people who also have bipolar, they also have support groups in many areas and host an online forum that you can get involved with.


Harmless support people and their families who have issues surrounding self harm in the UK with a range of user led solutions. They also offer services to local government and organisations wanting more information about this condition. They also manage the Tomorrow Project which is a support structure for people who have suicidal thoughts.

Support In Mind Scotland

Support in Mind Scotland offer a range of services for people with mental health issue, their carers and family members. They have drop in centres across the whole of Scotland and provide valuable resources such as one to one therapies, group sessions, employment advice and sometimes a coffee shop too. Their aim is to help you to help yourself.

Mental Health Foundation

The Foundation offers a range of support services across the whole of the UK including help for children and young people in schools.

They also promote ways to deal with mental health issues.

SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health)

SAMH currently operates 60 services across the whole of Scotland to support people with their mental health. You can contact them through their helpline to discuss the variety of options and services near you.

CAMHS (children and adolescent mental health services)

CAMHS is part of the NHS mental health services, specifically dedicated to children and young people in England. They can provide a range of services and people to help including help from psychiatrists, psychologists, support workers, nurses and occupational therapists.

You may need a referral from someone who works with your child, often a general practitioner (GP), teacher or social worker. However, some clinics also accept self-referrals from young people or parents and carers.


TOP UK are an organisation that offers support and self-help guidance for people with Phobia’s, OCD and other anxiety disorders. They run several groups around the UK including Jersey. There is a simple application process to enrol and you do not need to be referred through a GP to attend.