The Mix

If you’re under 25 you can talk to The Mix for free on the phone, by email or on their webchat. You can also use their phone counselling service, or get more information on support services you might need.

Eating Disorder Expert

Lots of practical advice and information for families in the UK to help understand eating disorders including Bulimia, Pica, Anorexia etc..

They have lots of FAQ’s and a “Ask The Expert” section where you can get some more in depth advice.



Support In Mind Scotland

Support in Mind Scotland offer a range of services for people with mental health issue, their carers and family members. They have drop in centres across the whole of Scotland and provide valuable resources such as one to one therapies, group sessions, employment advice and sometimes a coffee shop too. Their aim is to help you to help yourself.

CAMHS (children and adolescent mental health services)

CAMHS is part of the NHS mental health services, specifically dedicated to children and young people in England. They can provide a range of services and people to help including help from psychiatrists, psychologists, support workers, nurses and occupational therapists.

You may need a referral from someone who works with your child, often a general practitioner (GP), teacher or social worker. However, some clinics also accept self-referrals from young people or parents and carers.

Young Minds

Young Minds has lots of ways to help children and young people who are experiencing any kind of mental health problem. They run a range of schemes to help promote good mental health in schools across the UK as well as guidance towards more 1 to 1 support. There is also a managed service by young people for young people to be able to talk with someone who understands their problems.

You can also call the Young Minds Parent’s Helpline on: 0808 802 5544 (Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4pm, free for mobiles and landlines)


Rethink will guide you to Mental Health Support Services in the UK or information through their helpline (restricted hours) or online information service. They have lots of useful guides about how to maintain good Mental health and who to ask for support when you need it.

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society offer a variety of services to support children and young people with Mental Health issues, mostly they are at regular drop in services around the UK. Centres offer support and counselling.


BEAT provide a variety of eating disorders support services through helplines and message boards as well as factsheets and advice about all kinds of eating disorders.

Family Lives

Family Lives is a parenting and support network for anything family related. They provide a variety of services including a confidential UK helpline and forums. There are also lots of helpful videos and blogs.


Childline helps anyone under 19 in the UK with any Mental Health issues. You can talk to the confidential team through a free helpline or by their online 1-2-1 counsellor chat. You can speak to them in English or Welsh and there is someone available day or night.