The OT Hub

Providing links to a worldwide database of Occupational and Physical Therapists.

Physio4Kids & Young Adults

Physio4Kids & Young Adults provides an advanced level of specialist physiotherapy for children and young people with neurological conditions.

Working holistically within families and care teams, the aim is always to maximise potential.

OT For Kids

OT for Kids is a private Occupational Therapy Provider delivering high quality therapy for children so that they will have as many physical opportunities as possible, to be able to play and enjoy life to the full.


NiCE believe that every person who has a movement disorder like cerebral palsy should have the opportunity to have an education and take part in every day activities. They help with a unique range of expertise.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK is a member of the Association of Mental Health Providers and they provide support to people with any kind of anxiety disorder or phobia living in the UK.

They work with a variety of ages and provide support in a variety of ways, specialist helpline support, group sessions and online communities.


Uncommon Forum

Is exactly what it says, it’s a forum based site where questions about mental health, eating disorders, phobias, psychology are asked and answered.

Experts in their field answer some of those “uncommon” questions about these illnesses.


A dedicated charity who work with people to help improve their mental health.  They have a dedicated hub for young people to be able to voice their concerns in a safe space.

Youth Access

Youth Access are a members lead charity focussing on the mental health of young people in the UK.

They offer free, confidential sessions in a variety of locations as well as online support.

They are part of YIACS (Youth Information, advice and counselling services)

The OT Practice Kids

OT Practice Kids brings together a team of specialists who fully understand the needs of both children and parents. The team is managed by a leading paediatric occupational therapist providing expert oversight and office based support, available on the phone and email from the initial enquiry through to discharge. We aim to make children and those who support them, independent of us, not dependent upon our services. To achieve this we believe the best place to see a child is in their own environment. Therefore, OT Practice Kids therapists travel to see a child at home or school rather than operating a clinic setting.