The Children’s Law Centre

The Children’s Law Centre offers advice on children’s rights to its members, children and young people in Northern Ireland.


Advicenow provides accessible, accurate information on rights and the law in England and Wales.

Special Educational Consortium

The Special Educational Consortium (SEC) is a group of organisations who protect and promote the right of disabled children and children with special educational needs to a high – quality education which meets their needs. SEC also has a Parliamentary Group that is particularly active during the passage of legislation. The role of the Parliamentary Group is to represent the views of SEC to members of parliament. What do they do? •They provide the SEN and disability sector with a strong and unified voice with which to talk to Government, Parliament and officials. •They provide a forum for the its members to develop their thinking on education policy and set political strategy across the sector. For more information visit the website or ring the number.

Serious Law LLP

A leading nationwide law practice with over 20 years of experience in assisting those who have sustained serious injury, brain injury, cerebral palsy or spinal injury.

Match Solicitors

A niche education law practice. They act for children, parents, students, teachers and professors.

Douglas Silas Solicitors

Small, niche but nationally acclaimed firm of solicitors specialising exclusively in education and disability, particularly in cases concerning Special Educational Needs.