Chester Zoo

Not only is Chester Zoo a wonderful place to visit in person but an amazing place to visit from your home. With lots of live feeds of animals every day and heaps of fun activities to make and do at home to help build your own little habitat for animals in your garden.

Newquay Zoo

You can see over a 1000 different species and rare animals at Newquay Zoo. More than just a zoo, you can learn about conservation of our most endangered on the planet and how the amazing team at Newquay Zoo help protect and nurture them.

Drusillas Park

For a brilliant and fun day out in the South East this is a great all rounder, will hundreds of animals to see at the zoo, fun exploring and playing as well as rides and attractions there really is something for everyone.

Knowsley Safari

Enjoy a day out at Knowsley Safari….a great day to drive or walk around the park and watch animals in a natural habitat.

Take a look at how you can enjoy the park when you have a disability or need accessibility information.

Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is an amazing place to experience animals in a more natural setting, in beautiful countryside, you can take your time going around the park, see them being fed at the daily feeding sessions.

Check here for accessibility information…

Marwell Zoo

Exploring Marwell Zoo is a fabulous day out with hundreds of animals to watch, a park train, daily talks and feeding the animals time.

Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor Theme Park has something for everyone including Thomas Land for the little ones and white knuckle thrill seeking rides for the brave adventurers.


Woburn Safari Park

There are so many ways to enjoy the fascinating animals and attractions at Woburn Safari Park, from driving round the park or walking around the animal trail to experiencing the park at tree top height at the Go Ape experience in the Leisure Park.  You can even stay overnight and Woburn have created many ways that the park is both accessible and inclusive for all visitors.

West Midlands Safari & Leisure Park

West Midlands Safari Park hosts an amazing animal experience…You can drive around this beautiful park and witness all the species this planet has to offer in one place.  They have many other attractions and a great accessibility awareness scheme so that everyone is included.