Spectrum Cambridge

This event based charity organise special events, sporting activities, fun sessions all for children on the autistic spectrum.  Together with professionals they support families to enable their children to enjoy life.

Spectrum are also the Cambridgeshire area distributor for Max Card which enable children and their carers to enjoy a wide variety of theme parks and activities.

The Centaurus Trust

Go camping in the wilderness and learn how to ride a horse! This is also autism friendly and you could have the experience of your life!!! This could be a family trip or a great time out with your friends. Either way it’s going to be great fun!!!

Through the Roof

Each Spring they run a short holiday for families with an autistic child at Dalesdown, a Christian centre in a beautiful setting in the Sussex countryside. We organise a full programme of activities including craft, adventure trail, praise parties and outings to the seaside and swimming pool.