SEALIFE Centre Birmingham

An amazing experience consumes you at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, you enter a world of more than just fish….it’s a whole world of underwater life, with stunning and unusual species as well as tons of information about sealife conservation.

Newquay Zoo

You can see over a 1000 different species and rare animals at Newquay Zoo. More than just a zoo, you can learn about conservation of our most endangered on the planet and how the amazing team at Newquay Zoo help protect and nurture them.

Drusillas Park

For a brilliant and fun day out in the South East this is a great all rounder, will hundreds of animals to see at the zoo, fun exploring and playing as well as rides and attractions there really is something for everyone.

SEALIFE Centre Brighton

SeaLife Centre Brighton is the oldest working aquarium in the world. A chance to see a huge array of sea life and know and understand about the conservation of our fishy friends.

Knowsley Safari

Enjoy a day out at Knowsley Safari….a great day to drive or walk around the park and watch animals in a natural habitat.

Take a look at how you can enjoy the park when you have a disability or need accessibility information.

Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is an amazing place to experience animals in a more natural setting, in beautiful countryside, you can take your time going around the park, see them being fed at the daily feeding sessions.

Check here for accessibility information…

Marwell Zoo

Exploring Marwell Zoo is a fabulous day out with hundreds of animals to watch, a park train, daily talks and feeding the animals time.

Chessington World Of Adventures

There’s so much to do at Chessington we don’t think we have enough space to tell you about the 1000 animals you could see or the 40 rides you could enjoy or the go ape park, glamping site, themed hotels or the hundreds of other things to make your visit amazing. Their accessibility and inclusion policy make the park enjoyable for everyone….Oooh, I nearly forgot the Sea Life Centre (My favourite)

Eden Project

Eden Project work closely with the Sensory Trust to make sure that your visit is immersive and stimulating. The park is accessible and they provide relaxed versions of many of their family activities to appeal to all audiences.

Trentham Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is set in beautiful Staffordshire Countryside at Trentham. The Barbary Macaques roam around the forest and can be seen close up.  Although you cannot touch or feed them it’s beautiful to see them in the trees and playing freely.

Most of the park is accessible and their are disabled facilities on site.  Guide dogs are not permitted but the staff are happy to help in any way.