Finding brilliant ideas and discounts on great things to see and do with the kids.

Kents Cavern

Step back in time to the Stone Age and see how prehistoric man lived.
With amazing caves to navigate and explore as well as beautiful woodland and coastal walks.

Ponies ‘N’ Pals

Ponies have been shown to help benefit the emotional wellbeing of children and young people with ASD, ADHD, mental health concerns & other learning disabilities.  Their calm and compassionate nature makes them an ideal therapy resource.

Night ZooKeeper At Home

A fun and interactive way to improve spelling, grammar and vocabulary.  Inspiration to improve story writing lessons.

Turing Tumble

This amazing game challenges logic and develops problem solving skills based around an amazing range of stories. For those with a mathematical, scientific or inquiring mind this is the perfect solution.

Big Life Journal

Big Life Journal have created a range of resources including podcasts to develop a positive life attitude and an eagerness to learn.

Chester Zoo

Not only is Chester Zoo a wonderful place to visit in person but an amazing place to visit from your home. With lots of live feeds of animals every day and heaps of fun activities to make and do at home to help build your own little habitat for animals in your garden.

Stonehenge (English Heritage)

A visit to Stonehenge is a chance to visit a world famous historic site full of mystery and amazement.
Now using amazing technology you can take a virtual tour of Stonehenge.

For centuries people have flocked to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise on the Summer Solstice.  2020 may have to be different.  However, via the SkyScape camera situated at the site you can watch the sunrise from your own home.


Go Noodle provides remote learning and activity solutions to children everywhere, with interactive and fun sessions to take part in, it gets children moving while they are learning!

The DadLab

Hundreds of different experiments, art projects, science projects and fun interactive videos to bring all the things we want to know about to life…and lots of fun too!