Sisters & Brothers of Disabled & Special Needs Children


If your other children's day-to-day life is affected by the needs of their disabled sibling, then they are called young carers. Young carers have loads of extra support to help them in their role as a sister or brother of a disabled child.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to focus on what your other children need. This is especially hard when if feels like it takes all your time to support your disabled child's needs. Your other children can find it tricky because they might have their own worries or needs that they find hard to talk about. They might have questions or need to chat but aren't sure where to start. They might feel isolated and so want to meet other children in the same position. There is a lot of support out their for them too.

Sky Badger Guide

Our Sky Badger guide has lots of information on Young Carers and the support they can get.


The young carer's festivals provide young people with the opportunity to have fun, relax, socialise and have their voices heard about issues that affect them.


There are some wonderful books and comics written for your children to explain disabilities and SEN. Using these to read to your children is a great way to allow them to ask questions.

Young Carer's assessment

Download Carers UK's factsheet about this process.

Local Sibs Groups

Find young carers groups near you for your children to meet kids with the same issues as them.


Disability Social Worker Teams

A disability social worker usually works for your local authority in a team. They specialise in understanding what you have to handle as a family. Their job is to help you by supporting you in a range of ways including respite care, emotional support and sibling and carer's groups. They will also know about local funding. Contact your local authority to find out more.

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Summer Clubs & Short Breaks

There are loads of after school clubs and holiday clubs all over the UK. Also quite a few charities own holiday properties that they let out to families with special needs children. These properties are all over the country, sometimes even by the beach. Click here to find your next adventure!


The Carer's Trust has a great link here to find your local young carer's group. They offer activities, clubs, outings, holidays and one-to-one support.

Young carers can also get 24-hour support, every day of the year, from our online services for carers.

To get email support contact

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Young Carer's Grants

Your Local Authority might offer grants for young carers. Contact your local carer's group or chat to your disability social worker to find out more.

Young Carers Rights

Download this pack from The Children's Society – about your human rights, your legal rights, and your rights to access things like benefits, support and advice.



Barnardos support young carers to use local services like sports clubs, support groups, and health centres. They providing advice and emotional support through counselling and drop-in centres. They also work with schools.

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Sibs is a fantastic charity that gives loads of tips and information about what they're going through. It helps your other children to handle and understand their role as a sibling of a disabled child.


Children's Society, Young Carers

The Children's society run a range of programmes for schools, for professionals and for families. Click here to see a map of the nearest ones to you.


NHS Information

Find information about how to find help and support at home and at school.

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Young Carers in Schools

The Children's Society runs 'Young Carers in Schools'. It is an exciting England-wide initiative that equips schools to support young carers and awards good practice.

Not sure where to turn?


Contact our helpdesk

Do you need specific help for your disabled or special needs child? Click here to tell us more about what you're looking for and our helpdesk team will do their very best to find you what you need. All of our advice is confidential and we will not share your details or personal information with anyone.