The Clever Crocodile

looking for educational resources that you can download and print for home education or for your class or group, The Clever Crocodile has some amazing resources covering a whole range of curriculum subjects and lessons.

elsa – Support

elsa-support creates beautiful downloadable resources that can be used within a classroom or home school environment. These resources can help children and young people understand and manage their emotions, support their self-esteem and promote wellbeing.  With regular free downloads and a newsletter keeping you up to date this really is an amazing resource.

The Training Space

Jane Considine is the brilliant mind behind a wealth of educational resources and books based on years of research.


A range of teacher/educator resources and planning. During the Covid 19 crisis finding accurate and well constructed resources for home education are invaluable for many families. Twinkl have carefully created some free resources for a whole range of curriculum based lessons including SEN.

Spell Wizards

Spell Wizards offer a variety of resources for use at home and in the classroom to help improve spelling, typing and listening skills.