The Training Space

Jane Considine is the brilliant mind behind a wealth of educational resources and books based on years of research.


TES offer a range of resources for teachers including lesson plans and curriculum direction to jobs and teaching posts as well as up to date news and guidelines.


A range of teacher/educator resources and planning. During the Covid 19 crisis finding accurate and well constructed resources for home education are invaluable for many families. Twinkl have carefully created some free resources for a whole range of curriculum based lessons including SEN.


EducationCity offers a complete range of Primary teaching resources, many free worksheets and games for Maths, English and Science.

Young Epilepsy

Young Epilepsy is a UK charity that helps support children and young people with their day to day lives, education and how to manage their epilepsy with a variety or resources and services including educational and home based support.

Spell Wizards

Spell Wizards offer a variety of resources for use at home and in the classroom to help improve spelling, typing and listening skills.


Alien characters use BSL to communicate with earth via many stories that children will love, both for home and classroom use these beautifully created resources will encourage any child (or adult) to learn British Sign Language.


Signature are a well established and award winning organisation that promote and teach British Sign Language to thousands of people in the UK.

Seashell Trust

Seashell Trust is s National Charity that supports children & young people with complex learning disabilities who need support with their education and communication.

Diamonds In The Rough CIC

Diamond Tuition provides tutoring and mentoring services for children with autism, special educational needs and developmental delays, raising levels of self confidence and self esteem to progress learning. The interventions and strategies used are individual to each student and based on years of experience tutoring children with SEN on a 1-1 basis who either attend mainstream or specialist schools. We take a holistic approach to tutoring as we have found that tutoring a child with SEN is much more than academic achievement.