Schudio TV

Schudio TV offers a range of training for teachers and education professionals.

During the Coronavirus pandemic they are offering some free training for parents and families with disabled children to help them with the new education model and how to explain it to their children to help eliminate fears and concerns about going back to school.

SEN Legal

Leading experts specialising in education law.

The National Dyscalculia Centre

Publishes a range of books and materials for teachers and parents of dyscalculic children.  For parents this offers the ability to work with your child at home, as long as you are not yourself dyscalculic.   Also produces materials and information for use by dyscalculic adults.

Additionally we publish on the website multiple articles on issues related to dyscalculia, and which are all freely available, as well as a guide to what the law says in relation to the provision of particular support for those with special needs.

Finally, the Centre also offers an online diagnostic test for dyscalculia.

Small Steps

Children attend a group session at Small Steps once per week with a parent or carer. A team of teachers, conductors and physiotherapists lead the parent/ child team through a structured programme designed to help each child achieve the next developmental steps.

Special Educational Needs Advice Centre

SENAC is a charity in Northern Ireland providing an independent advice, information and advocacy service for parents of children and young people with special educational needs up to the age of 19 across a wide range of learning difficulties. Advice Line: 028 9079 5779

SNAP Cymru

SNAP Cymru provides free advice to families who have children with special educational needs in Wales. You can find details about their services on their website, or you can ring their helpline on 0845 1203730.