Lynn McCann is an experienced teacher who looks at support, training and advice for those working with autistic children in school.
Her years of working with autistic children has allowed her to experience
and understand their specific educational needs.

Beyond Autism

Starting from very humble beginnings…Beyond Autism has created 2 unique schools including years reception to Year 14.
They offer education to 16 London Boroughs for children and young people with ASD.
They also offer training and support to the families and support staff.

Autism Education Trust

Autism Education Trust ensure that every child with autism has the opportunity to receive and engage in suitable education by providing teaching partners to those children that need them and to train individuals to teach.


Speechmark are the Practical resources developed by Routledge Taylor & Frances Group for teachers, health professionals, speech & language therapists as well as parents for speech and language therapy, autism, special needs, mental health and elderly care.