See Ability

The award winning charity See Ability support young people with learning disabilities and sight loss or impairment to be able to feel supported with their lives whether it’s to have regular sight tests or to be supported into work or further education.

Yellow Sun

Support for children, young people and adults with an ADHD diagnosis. It’s hard to find others that completely understand what you or a family member is going through and Yellow Sun is there to guide you with diagnosis and education information.


Dimensions support people with autism to live in their communities with all the care and support they need to live happily and healthily.

AMH Awareness

AMH Awareness support children and young people with autism who need support with their mental health. They also hope to achieve more awareness for the autistic community especially with children.

Your Elementz

Low cost counselling for 18+ with diagnosed or undiagnosed Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Bipolar whether you’re the person affected by these and other neurological conditions or the parent, carer, sibling, partner, friend or family member struggling with life currently or imagining what the future holds for you or them.
I also have extensive experience of working with parents/ carers and adults who have life interrupting conditions such as learning disabilities, epilepsy and type 1 diabetes towards getting the support to manage everyday with never knowing what that day can look like and the constant feeling out things being out of your control as well as what life throws at you on you’re personal journey.

We Are Beams

Beams is an award winning charity that supports children with disabilities, learning difficulties or complex health needs.  They can provide short breaks, advice, support as well as heaps of activities and events.