Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Action are committed to improving the lives of people with epilepsy and their families.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

We provide practical information for families and professionals about understanding and supporting children, young people and adults whose behaviour challenges.
Their Family Support Workers offer direct information either by phone or email.

Matt Laurie

Specialist Communications teacher/trainer working with people with learning disabilities as well as providing years of knowledge and experience to other professionals to pass on through their own work.

NAC Wellbeing

NAC (Non-Verbal Affective Care) provide support and training for carers and support workers who engage with people or family with severe and profound intellectual disabilities with a range of programmes to support training.


Brightside connect young people to mentors to help guide them into the future, whether it’s education or employment the guidance is there.


The award winning charity SeeAbility supports people who have learning disabilities or who are autistic, who may also have sight loss.

Our broad range of support enables people to live full lives and achieve things they never thought possible.

Sensory Spectacle

Being able to understand Sensory Processing is key to how their journey began…to help and educate others about the SPD life. With educational material, sensory installations and exhibitions at events it allows not just those with SPD some relief but for the people around them to better understand.

Inclusion Solutions

Inclusion Solutions are a consortium of professionals providing advice and support for those working within the SEND community as well as parental and family support and guidance.

Coping Skills for Kids

With years of experience as well as being a parent, Janine has been able to use her experience and knowledge to put together a whole range of resources to help our children to manage with day to day anxieties and stresses at home or in the classroom.

Susan Light Counselling

Sue and her team work specifically with families, children and young people who have mental health concerns or diagnosis that require on-going support.