Staff and Trustees

Sky Badger's Staff

Our staff really are extraordinary. All of us work remotely from our homes all over the UK and this is really important because a lot of us are either parents of disabled children or disabled ourselves. By working this way, we can work as well as managing some really complicated personal stuff.

Together, we are a wildly driven bunch of bods who work shockingly hard for our Sky Badger families. We all all passionate about Sky Badger because we know how hard it is to get through the day sometimes without support. We all work to make a difference and just between you and me, I think all of our staff are amazing superheroes in their own right.

Naomi Tomkys

Naomi Tomkys OBE

Chief Executive

I'm one of the 'Founding mothers' that came up with the idea of starting Sky Badger. I'm a mum of two, Max, my eldest has a serious medical condition and learning disabilities. I graduated from the School for Social Entrepreneurs which is where Sky Badger was truly born. I believe in Sky Badger  because I know the difference it can make to get the right help at the right time and I don't want anyone else to struggle the way I had to. I also Chair the board of Trustees at The Paypal Giving Fund and lead the Regional Stakeholder Network in the East of England for the Cabinet Office.

Karen Hoe

Karen Hoe OBE

Helpdesk Manager

I am the parent of a disabled son whom is 16 years old; he is physically disabled and Autistic. He is my inspiration every day as he never complains. For the last 6 years I have worked in the Health and Social Care Sector. I work to support families build and create personalised packages of respite care alongside a team of multi agent professionals within the local authority. I have had experience as a key worker, case worker, recruitment and training, safeguarding, child in need and statement review meetings.

Kim Hughs

Kim Hughes

Social Media & Volunteer Manager

Being disabled myself, I have an understanding of some of the day to day difficulties and red tape that we have to go through to get some help and assistance. By assisting families through some of the processes and being able to help find suitable resources means that I can help make their lives a little easier. Before I joined Sky Badger, I worked within the special education needs department of a primary school for some years.working with children who had various forms and levels of autism and behavioural difficulties.




I am currently completing a PhD in Cultural and Disability Studies. My research has a prime focus on disability, minority ethnicity and inclusion. I previously worked in the Civil Service within the Office of Disability Issues, gaining expertise in complex stakeholder management, project management, and public policy development and maintenance at regional, national and international levels.


Jasmina Koleva-Petrunov

Jasmina Koleva-Petrunov

Director of Trusts & Corporate Fundraising

Educated at University of Vienna, Jasmina holds a Master’s degree (LLM) in Law аnd Finance from UCL London. Having worked for 15 years in the City in Credit research and in various other financial roles, she’s been on the Board of Directors of BCRA Credit Rating Agency since 2014. Married, with two children Jasmina is passionate about adventures and would like to help families with disabled children to take control of their lives and have fair and better access to tools and services that support them to do so.



Charity Digital Agency

BoldLight are a leading digital agency for charities. They specialise in understanding the needs of charities and supporters, which forms the foundation of any project. They also create beautiful, fun and persuasive products that give the best possible online experiences. BoldLight recently won an Institute of Fundraising award for digital.



Tom Morgan Jones

Sky Badger creator & Illustrator

Tom Morgan-Jones is an award winning illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. His work is widely and internationally published, from Children's books and magazines to satirical boardgames. So far in my peculiar and lucky life I have illustrated over 70 children's books, all wonderfully written by lots of talented people.

IMG_20150725_213857147 (2)

Qasim Mahmood

Business Solutions Specialist

Qasim is an Information Technology professional with a passion for helping businesses become super efficient. Having delivered many successful IT transformation and greenfield projects overseas and in the United Kingdom for over 20 years, Qasim is a Salesforce Consultant and now totally focused on delivering great customer experiences through the Salesforce platform.


Philip Walding


I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1978, so I am very much aware of long term living with a chronic condition.Our elder son was a "difficult" child, and we suspected Aspergers and ADHD, but he was never diagnosed. He developed Epilepsy at aged 10, and was put on Lamotragine, which made his condition worse. After getting a second opinion his medication was changed, and he has been well controlled for 13 years.

Sky Badger's Trustees

Our Trustees and a brilliant bunch of experts in a wide range of fields. They are all dedicated to making sure that Sky Badger is doing the best it can for the families we support. Our Trustees are here to check that we're running our charity using best practices. They not only give us their professional advice for free but they also oversee our financial, strategic and long term plans to make the world a better place. A big thank you to them all.

“The Trustees have been overwhelmed with the success of Sky Badger. Sky Badger is doing exactly what it set out to do: help and improve the lives of thousands of families with children who are disabled or have life limiting illnesses across the country. Over the coming months we have some exciting developments and Sky Badger is growing fast. It is a very exciting time as we really feel we are responding to a sometimes desperate cry for help. Sky Badger is really making a difference and we’ve only just started.”
— Gina Inman Chair of Trustees


Gina Inman

Chair of Trustees

Gina is a mother of four and used to be a lawyer. She was one of the 'founding mothers' of Sky Badger and is currently volunteering for Citizens Advice as a case worker.


Katie Read

Secretary to the Trustees

After various jobs and time as a stay at home mum I have finally found my niche as a Human Resources Manager specialising in employee relations and employment law. This has allowed me to gain qualifications and become a member of the CIPD. I am enjoying my return to study and have recently completed the first year of a law degree studying with the Open University.


Celia Patterson


Celia is a mum to three amazing kids. One is physically disabled and another has Autism. She is active within the charity sector. Before becoming a mother, Celia worked at So Television, an independent production company that makes the Graham Norton Show. Celia lives in London and was one of the 'founding mothers' of Sky Badger.


Luke Gussman


I am Luke Gusman, a proud Trustee of Sky Badger. Professionally I am a marketing and branding specialist and wanted to get involved with the charity because of my own personal disability experience.
I help with raising the profile of the charity, lend a friendly ear or help with fundraising. Also raising the issue that people that have a physical or mental disability are not less able, they are incredible!


Nicky Brewis


Nicky is a mother of 3 and has been working in preschools as an expert in SEN early intervention. She is currently undertaking her PHD in early years SEN.

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