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Top 10 Sensory Toys that Your Kids Will Love!

Top 10 Sensory Toys

From the four corners of the internet, Sky Badger has hunted out these  fabulous gems just for you. So if you have a child with autism, ADHD or if they just love shiny, squishy or fiddly things, then you've come to the right place!

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1. Beans Squishy Toy Pendant

Beans Squishy Toys Pendants


A must have. How many times have you ended up trying to keep your kids entertained while doing the waiting room shuffle? Well, with this attached to your keys, your troubles are at a (temporary) end. This incredibly cute toy is designed to reduce stress, and they smell and look great...and at under a pound you can't beat it for value for money!


2. Mirror Pebbles

Mirror Pebbles


These are just incredible! Your children will be totally absorbed and mesmerised by this reflective collection of differently sized metallic discs. These smooth, shiny, pebbles will fascinate when laid in paths or stacked. Four different sizes D15cm x 4.5cm and they come as a set of 20.


3. Sensory Pillow Led Light

Sensory Pillow Led Light


This colour changing LED pillow is the perfect bedtime friend for your little ones. A lovely soft pillow with just about the cutest expression too. I can't imagine a nicer way to fall asleep. Fab to take on holiday too for kids like mine that struggle with change...packing a warm smile from home helps that first night in a strange bed while away.



4. Fidget Toy Cube

Fidget Toy Cube


Love them or hate them, I bet you still can't stop fiddling with them. This camouflage cube is a nice touch but in essence the fidget cube is one of the very best fiddle toys on the market. With 9 types of movements and textures this should be a permanent feature in every glove compartment and handbag.



5. Strawberry, Peach & Mango Kawaii Squishies



Welcome to the cool kids! These Kawaii swishy fruit are defiantly on the short list for next faddy thing your kids will demand. They have a great slow release texture that is disturbingly pleasing and they smell fab too....also great for a good vent.

Other designs include ice creams, pandas, tofu and a loaf of bread. Japanese Kawaii is cool indeed.


6. LED Light Fidget Spinner

LED Light Fidget Hand Spinner


Well, we couldn't talk about sensory toys without an honourable nod to mother of all fidget toys the Fidget Spinner. With sales in the 10's of millions so far, this is a must have. Although you probably have a few already. This one has the added bonus of lighting up. Hours of mesmerising fun to be had.


7. Fluffy Floam Slime

Fluffy Floam Slime


A great sensory play thing and I found it a woefully addictive fiddle thing as a grown up too. It comes it tonnes of colours and will give you hours of fun. The only down side with products like these is that little fingers like to hide all sorts of stuff in it....my two find disapearing lego men most interesting.


8. OPTI Aura Sensory Projector



This exceedingly groovy light projector comes from the company that started out doing light shows for Pink Floyd and The Who. There are obviously loads of other projectors on the market that are a lot cheeper but none are as groovy.


9. Sensory Floor Tiles



Available in green and yellow, red and blue, orange and red or purple and pink, these liquid floor tiles make a seriously funky room for your kids. The coloured liquid in each tile moves about when you press it making  new patterns. Ideal for use in sensory rooms or just for fun.

They're sturdy enough to stand up on too just incase you were worried.


10. Pheebsters Sensory Toy fidget Kit

Pheebsters Sensory Toy fidget Kit


And finally...the bag to sling in the back of the car. A good allrounder with lots to keep happy fingers busy. This kit comes with a flashing spike ball, giggle stick, large bendy figure, slinky spring, twist & lock blcks, bendy monkey and flashing puffer toy. They're all kept neatly in a  drawstring bag. Excellent value too!


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