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Sensory Integration Activities, Sensory Toys, & Autism Apps

Sensory Integration Activities

If you’re looking to find ways to engage your child more in every part of their lives, then here are some great places to start. The range of sensory activities is practically endless. You can start with some basic low cost options like Play Doh, custard powder gloop, sand or water play or bubble wrap.

Here are some of Sky Badger’s favourite recipe links here to make some groovy stuff to stimulate and engage your child.

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You can also find everything from light ropes to building your own sensory room to weighted blankets using the Sky Badger directory

Sensory Toys & Autism Products

Sensory integration activities and toys can be brilliant relaxation tools for kids with all sorts of complex needs, including autism and developmental delays. They’re also great for a huge range of engagement therapies. There are an enormous range of toys to choose, from sensory chew necklace to chewy bracelet and oral motor chewies.

Sky Badger really likes the information and ranges on offer at these great websites…

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