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Lost in Transition – Part 1

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Like a slab of cement, transition descended one cloudy afternoon in the school foyer. It started with:

“well obviously Max won’t be able to stay on for 6th form….”.


And there it was, that concrete slab. And boy, did it fall hard.

What’s Max supposed to do next? What am I supposed to do?  So dear friends, we’ve arrived…welcome to Transition.

Transition is (theoretically) the gentle, well-structured move from childhood to adulthood within disability support. I’ve heard other parents call it the ‘cliff’. That’s definitely not filling me with much confidence, actually I’m already losing a bit of sleep over that metaphorical cliff.  I already feel as though I’ve fallen off the edge of the cliff and am holding on to the top by my fingertips!

Honestly, like you, I’m not up for yet another fight.  I’m exhausted.  Absolutely used up.  No use for very much at all but very conscious that relaxing any time soon could be the very worst thing for Max.

Years ago at college my mates used to joke that if you did badly in your exams all you have to do was lower your life expectations. That really isn’t very funny anymore….no, actually it’s downright hysterical.  And I mean hysterical in every sense of the word.

My husband of 20 years left us a just over a year ago. And although I’m loving less washing I totally miss someone to wake up with. Someone to say “It’s all going to be OK” even if neither of us really believe it.

But what to do for Max? I can’t stand the new bad futures I’m imagining for him. Max wandering around the streets of Cambridge next to me like a puppy with me in my 70’s or stuck in an OAP home on a high backed posturpedic chair watching Countdown.  I have ice for blood at the thought.

So, right, let’s pull it together. There are options for Max, in theory at least. I don’t mean to be negative but Max is 15 and I’ve been on this ride before. There have to be some schools, colleges, perhaps even internships for him? Oh, I have no idea!

A toast to Transition. It shall be a great adventure (I hope).

3 thoughts on “Lost in Transition – Part 1

  1. Very moving. The sheer magnitude of your love and strength to do what you can to create a fulfilling life for Max and to share that hard to come by information with others is amazing.

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