What can Sky Badger do to find help and adventure for your disabled or special needs child and the rest of your family too?

Watch Michelle's story about how Sky Badger found the help and support her family needed.

Lost in transition

"Transition is (theoretically) the gentle, well-structured move from childhood to adulthood within disability support. I’ve heard other parents call it the ‘cliff’. That’s definitely not filling me with much confidence, actually I’m already losing a bit of sleep over that metaphorical cliff.  I already feel as though I’ve fallen off the edge of the cliff and am holding on to the top by my fingertips!"

Read Naomi's blog about the challenges of transition.

Hot topics

funfair boy

Would you like a free adult ticket when you take your disabled child to the movies? The CEA card allows you to get a free carer's ticket.


The E.H.C.P. helps your child at school by creating a real change in the way that education, health and social care professionals work with families and young people.


There are thousands of grants that will help you buy just about anything you can imagine for your disabled child, from bikes, to medical equipment to holidays.